Kennels & Groomers Case Notes

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

Smithtown, New York

Design Learned provided systems engineering expertise for the handsome, newly renovated Guide Dog Foundation on Long Island. Besides accommodations for one hundred dogs, the building houses a small veterinarian's facility, specially designed bathing and grooming rooms, a training area and staff offices. Other considerations included a staff shower area, a lunchroom and a waiting area for visitors.

Careful thought was given to both the needs of the staff and of the canine inhabitants. Heating, cooling and humidity levels that may be comfortable for office staff may not be so for either dogs or trainers.

The systems for this building were particularly complex and challenging. The large kenneling area required a special heating arrangement. In this case, the radiant heating system is embedded into the floor via eight separate hot water circuits. The system gives great flexibility while maintaining consistent and easily controlled environmental comfort.

Special ducting, lighting and acoustical control systems ensure this large kennel area is easy to work in and easy to maintain. Located inside the ducting is a specially designed filtration system using both medium efficiency filters along with an electronically controlled ultraviolet system designed to give maximum protection against pathogens while eliminating odors and providing fresh air.


Learn more about the foundation at:

  • Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
  • 371 East Jericho Turnpike
  • Smithtown, NY 11788
  • 800-548-4337