About Our Fees

Many clients and architects compare our fees to local engineering firm quotes. Our fees are sometimes higher, occasionally lower, but always correct. By being niche-marketed, we know our costs very well. We also understand the costs associated with our architects, sub-consultants, and the costs of construction for this industry.

The only engineering and design services we perform are for veterinary hospitals and animal facilities.
We have consulted on hundreds of projects over twenty two years. Our fees are all-inclusive and not excessive.

Clients may find engineers and architects who quote lower costs.

Local engineers often mistake animal care facility design to be as simple as that for office buildings or retail stores. In our remediation work, we hear these unfortunate stories constantly. Most often the client ended up paying the engineers and architects substantial additional fees (matching or exceeding our fees) or the performance of the building and quality of construction were very low.  This invariably includes substandard HVAC systems, poor lighting, completely inappropriate finishes and flooring, insufficient plumbing, and poor animal care floor planning.

Unless there is a substantial change in a project during design, we rarely request any additional fees.

As a comprehensive, pro-active design company, we are very thorough with our animal care engineering and interior planning work. We do not do “the minimum” by simply providing schematic drawings and then waiting for questions and problems. We anticipate the construction costs, the problem areas, the systems that need more detail, and the questions contractors, architects, and owners are likely to ask.

Often clients end-up paying architects and engineers to learn typical industry systems and equipment.

Architects and engineers frequently rely on the owner to provide every detail, piece of equipment, and operating protocol, without the ability to offer the owner standard industry recommendations and trends. Alternatively, we provide the recommendations for floor planning, equipment, caging, and services. Importantly we understand the design limitations. Over the years we have seen many cases where architects and engineers simply “copied” what they observed at competitors’ hospitals, kennels, or shelters, without any idea whatsoever as to whether those features are appropriate, standard, or even recommended for a specific design situation.  

Through long experience we have learned which products work well.

We have tried and tested all of the caging and veterinary equipment many times in a multitude of scenarios. We know which vendors have good service, which ones deliver on time and whether to use the vendor for installation or instead to engage a local contractor.

Our experience gives us the ability to know what the contractors’ questions will be before they have asked.

Most importantly, we can advise you on where the value-engineering options are and where reductions in equipment and systems will result in poor building performance.



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