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Initial Design Meeting

  • Project requirement analysis
  • Mechanical options, systems and sustainable building considerations
  • Plumbing, cleaning, electrical, lighting and exterior requirements for animals
  • Typical construction, animal equipment, and operating costs

Mechanical and Odor/Disease Control Engineering and Drafting

  • Code and compliance requirements, mechanical zoning and placement
  • Comprehensive cooling, heating and dehumidification equipment sizing and selection
  • Accurate ventilation, exhaust, energy recovery, and indoor air treatment equipment sizing and selection
  • Detailed equipment and ductwork design

Plumbing and Waterborne Disease Control Engineering and Drafting

  • Code review and compliance requirements, accurate hot and cold water and drainage calculations
  • Plumbing fixture selection and specialized water distribution engineering
  • Animal trench drainage, hairtraps, interceptors, and odor and disease control design
  • Automatic trench drain flushing and solid waste removal system engineering and drawings
  • Animal care cleaning system specifications, engineering, and equipment selection
  • Oxygen and medical gas piping and scavenger systems selection, sizing and schedule preparation

Electrical and Lighting Engineering and Drafting

  • Electrical Code review and compliance requirements
  • Electrical, lighting, power, and emergency generator design and drafting
  • Electrical switchgear, metering, main riser diagram, and distribution engineering and design
  • Specialized lighting design for kennel, grooming, or veterinary areas
  • Emergency and exit lighting engineering, fire alarm design and specifications
  • Telecommunication location plan


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