A Crucial Component of Your Design Team

Oldwick Animal Hospital surgery roomAnimal Facility Engineering Requires Special Knowledge

Well designed animal care facilities require special knowledge. The combination of animal density, multiple disease paths, odor and cleaning considerations, and noise control make it one of the most difficult and deeply coordinated building challenges. Design Learned knows this well — not only from our design work, but from the substantial amount of remediation consultation we perform every year, very often on new buildings with design defects in need of correction.

Our approach to engineering is comprehensive, and goes beyond animal care specifications. We prefer to participate from the beginning of a project, with involvement from the architectural programming through the final construction and commissioning. In addition to mechanical and electrical engineers, we employ a veterinary technician, an interior designer, and a construction administrator. Our work is thorough, well coordinated, and carefully communicated, and so we produce more drawings, details and specifications than other engineering firms in an effort to minimize or eliminate questions and costly change orders during construction.


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