Kennels & Groomers Case Notes

Best Friends Pet Resorts and Salons
National Operations

Norwalk, Connecticut

Design Learned, Inc. has worked with Best Friends, Inc. on a dozen installations of their facilities around the country. These buildings are designed to house multiple animal-care specialty operations, in order to unify the various professional services for pet owners.

We have been instrumental in designing:

  • Mechanical systems that serve to minimize odor migration and pathogen propagation.
  • Electrical systems that are customized for specific equipment and that minimize the risk of shock in wet environments.
  • Plumbing systems that enable the owner to easily and quickly keep the facility very clean, and keep animals comfortable and healthy.
  • Environmental systems which address common kennel issues such as noise and appearance in a variety of neighborhood settings.


Learn more about these pet resorts at:

  • Best Friends Pet Care, Inc.
    Corporate Headquarters
    520 Main Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851