Working With Architects

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Our Approach to Engineering and Construction

Design Learned, Inc. is a licensed mechanical and electrical engineering firm.

In designing a building, the mechanical and electrical engineering firm is part of a team that typically includes an architect, a civil engineer, and a structural engineer. This professional design team creates the complete set of sealed (stamped) plans required for building permits and construction.  Because animal care facilities are unique, engaging a mechanical/electrical engineering firm specializing in this type building is strongly advised.

A correctly designed and engineered animal care facility can be much more complex than design professionals and contractors often realize.

These highly specialized facilities require additional engineering and design and these systems are, by necessity, specified in greater depth than required of other types of buildings. Animal care is unique, sharing little commonality with other type buildings — even human medical facilities. The combination of animal density, multiple disease paths, humidity control, odor and cleaning considerations, and noise control within relatively small spaces makes animal care facilities among the most difficult and deeply coordinated types of building engineering. Many of these requirements are not intuitive. For example, air placement is far more important than air exchange, lighting can affect cleaning more than the cleaning system selection itself, and disease and noise control are determined as much by the architectural floor plan as by the building systems.

Our approach to the business of engineering is more comprehensive.

We prefer to participate from the start of a project, with involvement beginning at the architectural programming stage completely through the final construction and commissioning. Our work is thorough, well-coordinated and carefully communicated and we produce a comprehensive set of details and specifications to minimize or eliminate questions and costly change orders during construction.

Our experience allows us to anticipate the questions and types of “value engineering” changes we know contractors and architects might suggest. 

We will address these responsibly and diplomatically while giving you the information necessary for making informed choices and understanding the benefits and detriments of your options.


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